Hello Me


Photo by Bernd Schulz on Unsplash

It’s been a while, since my latest post in this blog and the other blog (www.rodame.com). I’m thinking to write something but it’s quite nervous to tell my story through this blog.

Well, I’ve been through some journey in life. It doesn’t mean I’ve gone somewhere in this world. It just my new beginning become a civil servant in this country. Yup, I’ve passed my examination with not too good score but I still feel thanks to God for all that I’ve been through until now.

Being a lecturer in this beloved country is not as beautiful as I think before. I realize that I am not perfect too, that I also have a weakness in some point. But, yes, finally it is all about learning by doing. My students is my teacher.

Facing all kind of personality. Contradiction, become something usual for me. But, then I see that all of that contradiction is just the process of become better, become someone useful more than before.

There was a time when I need to take a rest and thinking about something different through other thought. I have to lost something precious to become more tough in facing life. Two months ago, I lost my 2 months fetus in my belly. I remember that my 3 years baby girl said to me that my 2 months fetus was not like me, she was angry to me. I was shock to hear that. How could she said like that to me. But, again, I realize that might be a warn for me, or maybe I were just not in a good health or condition, or God just loves me. Really love me.

I always believe that all the things that happen to our life, to my life is depend on God’s plan. I am just a learner, someone who need to try better, to get up fast when fall, to make sure that I am just human. That can sick, cry, have anger and envy to other.


Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

Yesterday is just yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day. So, be good and make a new you.

– Rodame MN-


2 thoughts on “Hello Me

  1. Hi bun, i just open my email and saw this recent post , nice to hear about you again, since long time not go for blog walking
    hope that everything will be ok and run smoothly, be patient, Trust to God, insyallah there will be an answer for every difficulty in our life.

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